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In August 2005 I bought a laptop MaxSelect Mission A330 and have been using it for exactly three years. It was not the best notebook bug reasonably good for its price.

Unfortunately, it becomes a bit old and has some problems. It has problems starting at morning - something wrong with the motherboard or IDE, probably. Sometimes it hangs when I use WiFi extensively. And its keyboard - I replaces it two years ago, but it requires replacing again. Built-in speakers scream and squeak. 15" is too small and display is too bad to watch good quality video. Built-in video card is to weak.

So I decided to replace it.

My next notebook is Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO Xi 2550. It is the best I can find for such price, really the best with its powerful processor, WiFi 802.11n and WUXGA display (1900x1200 where all other 17" notebooks have WXGA display - 1400x900). I bought it in August of 2008.

Its worst misfeature is it is sold with preinstalled software that I really don't want and don't need. And they don't allow me to return the unused license and get a refund. I am very disappointed. Next time I will find more friendly manufacturer.

My second notebook has met its 5th year in the attic. In the beginning of August 2013 I have bought Samsung NP550P5C-S04RU. I won speed and room (4 cores, 8 gigabytes of memory, faster 1T hard disk) and lost screen size (15,6 1600x900 instead of 17 inches 1900x1200).

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